Keeping our Island Clean

Keeping our Island Clean

It was great when all the Vineyard towns got together to ban plastic shopping bags two years ago – you know, the ones you used to see in the trees. Now a new initiative is taking another step forward to eliminate more plastic waste.

Plastics Free on MV wants us to end plastic pollution by educating Islanders about the way plastics choke landfills and find their way into our waters, harming birds, fish and ultimately humans.

And it’s not just kitchen and cleaning items to consider. Did you know that polyester, an increasingly popular clothing material, is a form of plastic? Throwing out your clothes instead of donating them sends more and more plastic to the landfill. Think NFO, natural fibers only, like cotton and wool to protect the environment.

Island children are taking the lead with Straw Free MV and local restaurants are supporting the movement by using paper straws or not serving straws at all. Students have also spearheaded a movement to ban helium balloons that are also deadly to wildlife.

The Vineyard Conservation Society has teamed up with Plastic Free on MV to sponsor monthly Breaking Free of Plastics events. One recent event featured “recipes” for homemade cleaning supplies with two benefits – ingredients were chemical free and didn’t come in plastic bottles. Check the VCS website at for dates. Find out how to make every day Earth Day and keep our Island clean and safe for all.

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