Finding the Right Property

It’s not just finding a property; you need an expert to provide all the details.

As useful as the internet is, an online property listing is still limited.  While the internet is a good place to start, it lacks the insight to help you answer important questions, such as:  what is the neighborhood like?  Is it really just a walk (and what is a walk?) to the beach, to the Village to a Land Bank preserve?  Is the yard shaded? How much lawn will I have to mow? What is the rental income?  Only we can provide the balance of information that is so vital to each property that piques your interest.   In many instances it is difficult to get to the Island to preview a new property as it comes on the market. We can visit it, provide you with all these infinite details, and help you gain a complete understanding of what will be your dream home.

One of the intriguing aspects of our real estate inventory on Martha’s Vineyard is the diversity of design, size, use and history.  We do not have “cookie cutter” homes that are constantly duplicated all over our landscape.  There is creativity of design demonstrated by our long list of skilled architects.  All of our Island builders are craftsmen who take pride in whatever they produce, regardless of the price point. The Island is filled with: 1700’s farm houses up Island, beautiful captain’s homes along our harbors, grand summer cottages on East and West Chop, incredible gingerbread homes in the Campgrounds of Oak Bluffs along with traditional capes, and reverse living designs which take advantage of water views and ocean breezes. On Martha’s Vineyard, we have it all!

Even when a buyer is definitive about what they are looking for, being faced with many choices can result in confusion and indecision.  Elaine Miller & Partners Realty listens carefully to your preferences, then creates a profile of possibilities that will work for you, including options you may not have even considered. In all instances, investigating the many options is crucial. We will always focus on the appropriate price range, general style and size to meet your needs, but also propose a few choice alternatives to ensure you are getting the best array of homes to choose from.

We are here to help you through the process, listen intently, and come up with a few unexpected prospects.