An Evening with Bill Clinton

An Evening with Bill Clinton

The attraction to the Island by so many for so many reasons never ends. Last evening, Wednesday, August 23, is another example. President Bill Clinton visited the Island on a tour promoting his new mystery novel, The President Is Missing, written in conjunction with James Patterson. What could be better? The event was sponsored by the Vineyard Gazette and there was not an empty seat in the Performing Arts Center nor a place to park. The Oak Bluffs police did an amazing job moving us all in and out.

It was primarily a discussion on how he became interested in writing a book and then why a mystery novel. Apparently, the President is an avid reader of mystery novels and when it was suggested that he collaborate with James Patterson, his response was “Why the —- would he want to collaborate with me?” Lo and behold, both parties met, enjoyed each other’s perspectives and decided to work together. A great American story!

There were a few political questions, and with the tenor in Washington today, how could there not be? The President’s response was cautious and in general, recommended that we all need to work together.

All in all, it was an exciting evening for all and I am sure the President found the warm, appreciative audience a pleasant way to spend his evening.

See more photos at the Vineyard Gazette here.

Photo Credit to The Vineyard Gazette

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